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The Save EMA campaign brought together pupils, parents, staff and trade unions, to organise Save EMA Day on 13 December and again on the Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th January for days of action ahead of the vote we successfully lobbied to get to Save EMA!

Campaign Leaflets and Posters

Colour – Leaflet, A3 Poster
Black and white – Leaflet, A3 Poster

As colleges and sixth-forms around the country hold lunchtime protests against government plans to axe financial support that would leave many students unable to continue their studies.

Protestors will be contacting their local MP to make the case for keeping the EMA, which is a key factor in improving participation in further education and colleges in some of the most deprived areas of the UK.

In London that equates to just under 100,000 teenagers, and in some areas of Birmingham, Leicester and the North West, as many as four-fifths of students receive the EMA. Areas such as these will be the hardest hit if the government breaks its pre-election promise and scraps the EMA.

The campaign is being run by us the Save EMA campaign alongside the National Union of Students (NUS) and the University and College Union (UCU), as well as trade unions such as Unison , the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), Unite and the GMB.

What else can you do?

  • If you’re a student, make urgent contact with your other campus unions and student reps to discuss local ideas for the day
  • If you’re a member of a trade union, speak to other union branches and community groups in your area and involve them in your plans
  • Approach your college principal about your plans – ask them to support the day (many principals are concerned about the axing of the EMA)
  • Sign the joint unions EMA petition and join our Facebook page inviting your friends.
  • Contact your local MP to ask them to sign the petition, attend and/or publicly support the day and the campaign or sign EDM 811.
  • Let us know your plans for the day – email
  • Email us pictures of you event to –  please mark the  email subject matter “Save EMA Day”.  Also please state which college you are from
  • Contact the local press and let them know what you are planning for the day.
  • Online campaigning  – promote your event on Facebook and Twitter (#SaveEMA)
  • Joint the Save EMA campaign Facebook Event group and invite your Facebook friends too

For many students the EMA is a lifeline which if axed could see them forced out of education.  This would have a devastating impact on colleges, communities and would put even more college jobs at risk. 

We can’t let this happen!


  1. Charley says:

    Getting rid of EMA is ging to mean alot more sutdents leaving college so they can get a job and not getting a good education

  2. Tianna Josephs says:

    I am a year 11 student going on to start college next year, i hope to do a photography course however, this will be expensive without EMA and i dont know if i will be financially supported enough to go on and do this course and achieve my dreams of becoming a professional photographer :( I have spoken to previous college students and they have all said they dont know how they would have got through college without the help of EMA.

  3. ruhena begum says:

    i am year 11 next year i will go sixth form college i need an ema to get paid every 30 pounds

  4. Save EMA says:

    email as we would like to do a vox pop if possible?

  5. rob gray says:

    Hi james

    I am thinking of getting students to write a letter to the local MP, but now the vote is over, is it still worth it?


  6. Save EMA says:

    yep, I will update the letter tomorrow and keep getting people to send it to their MPs!

  7. Helen says:

    I’m literally disgusted that EMA is being axed. I can appreciate the unspeakable amount of debt that our country is in and the reason for why Cameron is scrapping the £100 bonus at the end of every term in order to put this money to greater use. That, is a justified action. Juxtaposed to this, I am outraged that EMA is being gotten rid of. I, personally, rely on that money for transport to school and for my home life. If Cameron thinks, he is getting voted in by this generation, in 2012 he has another thing coming. Nick Clegg, a spineless moron also promised not to get rid of EMA, like Cameron. Is there absolutely no way possible that EMA can be saved for those that need it? Even if things have been put into motion to get rid of it already?

  8. Rachel Louise Wilkinson says:

    Cameron had the money to go to a good school and that, buy all the products he needs for subjects and go to a top university. He went to private school as well, didn’t he? Well, some of us aren’t that rich.. and it costs to go to sixth form or college. Yeah we could get jobs but do how much stress do you think we can take? Get home from a hard day’s work at sixth form and then an hour later go to work.. We don’t have the time to even do homework. We need to actually get there, even when the prices have gone up for bus fare, and we need to buy things for the subject to actually pass. So annoying.

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